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Bond Revocation Hearings in Georgia

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Bond is intended to prevent the accused from being unreasonably detained while also ensuring they return to court. In order to prevent the accused from fleeing, judges often issue bond orders with special conditions, such as:

  • The accused must obey all laws
  • They must not have any contact with alleged victims or other defendants
  • They must remain within city, county, or state lines until the court hearing
  • They have to avoid certain places
  • They must adhere to certain curfew restrictions
  • They may need to obtain or keep a job
  • They may need to surrender all weapons

What is Bond Revocation?

Bond Revocation occurs when the defendant is in violation of their bail agreement, including not appearing for their court date. The bond will be revoked and the court will issue an arrest warrant for failure to appear. Failure to appear in court is an additional criminal charge.

We Can Defend You During Your Bond Revocation Hearing

When you call Sherota Law for help, we will represent you in all hearings related to your criminal case, including bond revocation hearings. We have the knowledge and skill to cast doubt on accusations that you have violated the conditions of your bail, so you can maintain your freedom during your case. Bond revocation hearings also have the potential to improve or harm your optics in further criminal proceedings, so it is essential to have an attorney who will plead your case strategically.

Regardless of whether you are headed for a bond revocation hearing, it is imperative to secure representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as you are accused of a crime of any sort. We can provide the aggressive, effective legal representation you need, starting with a complimentary case evaluation.

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